This is what democracy looks like— In print!

Occupy Providence is part of a national and international movement that is bringing democracy back to public spaces and forums of the 99%. This publication will give voice to the democratic ideals and activities of Occupy Providence while challenging the established ideas and dogmas that serve the 1%. As the movement spreads out from our original 24/7 protest at Burnside Park, the OPJ will report on its protests, rallies and marches; transmit the messages on its signs and banners; and vigorously debate its democratic ideas and issues.
The Occupied Providence Journal will refute the misperceptions and mischaracterizations of the movement found in corporate mainstream media and record the actual words, beliefs, and actions of the 99%.
The OPJ is a paper for and about the 99%. We of the 99% are socially and ideologically diverse but the Occupy movement continues to bring us together, fostering cooperation and understanding. We strive to be non-discriminatory and non-violent as we collectively engage with the problems of our city and state, our nation, and our global community.
The OPJ will explore solutions to the problems of the 99% by encouraging informed discussion and debate.
The Occupy Providence Journal Working Group


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