Compiled by Will Lambek. Edited by Patricia Raub

In the following list, all marches are from Burnside Park unless otherwise noted. Each report follows as far as possible the structure: When the action occurred. Title and type of action. Who any collaborators were. Where the action took place. Objective of the action.

10/7 March and Rally against Corporate Education. With public education supporters (SLAP, CDPE, JwJ), outside Department of Education Building, to support students inside meeting with Education Commissioner Gist.

10/12 March to Brown University Teach-in on Occupy. Teach-in was organized by professors and students in support of the movement.

10/15 OCCUPY PROVIDENCE Kick-off March. Through downtown Providence, with stops at key locations in local struggles. Rally at Burnside Park and beginning of occupation.

10/17 Bank of America Account Closures Marches (throughout the day). To downtown branch of BoA to support people closing BoA accounts.

10/21-10/22 Occupy College Hill. Overnight encampment on Brown University Main Green on Friday night; march to Brown on Saturday morning; rally outside University Hall to present demands to University Corporation meeting.

10/24 Press Conference and March with Rally to Defend OP against City Injunction. To publicly read and present a letter to Mayor Taveras affirming OP’s intention to remain indefinitely.

10/26 Rally for a Stronger RIPTA. With RIPTA Riders in rally during RIPTA Board meeting to discuss service cuts. To demand transportation justice for the 99%.

10/27 March for Worker’s Rights. With Jobs with Justice and dozens of unions through downtown Providence, stopping at several sites along the way to hear from speakers about various local labor struggles.

10/30 Solidarity Sunday in Burnside Park. To reaffirm Occupy’s commitment to remain indefinitely, with events including an interfaith service, community soapbox, rally, and community potluck dinner.

10/31 Corporate Trick-or-Treat in downtown Providence. In Halloween costumes occupiers went trick-or-treating in down- town Providence, stopping at Textron, GTECH, Bank of America and other corporate headquarters.

11/1 Action and Press Conference for Immigrant Rights: “No to (in)Secure Communities.” To support the We are all Arizona coalition’s rally against mass deportations; march to the State House to present Governor Chafee with a co- sponsored letter demanding an end to RI’s participation in “Secure Communities” deportation program.

11/1 Picket of Mayoral Fundraiser. To pressure the Mayor to end efforts to evict the occupation from Burnside Park; with an alternative dinner for the 99% outside the event.

11/2 Picket Arne Duncan. With CDPE, DARE, RI People’s Assembly and others to picket two events featuring U.S. Education Secretary Duncan for his stances in favor of priva- tizing education.

11/5 National Day of Action against the Big Banks. With DARE and SEIU 615, march to Atwells Ave. Bank of America and rally outside while people closed their accounts.

11/17 Occupy City Hall Rally and GA. In lobby of Provi- dence City Hall, entering City Council chambers to support pro-Occupy resolution introduced in front of the council.

11/19 Jobs Not War. With Brown Anti-War Action and RIMC, march to headquarters of Textron, Inc.; rally to pro- test the war economy and war profiteers such as Textron.

Photo by Savanna Kite

11/20 Rally Against Foreclosures. With DARE and the Tenant and Homeowner Association, outside an empty fore- closed home, to highlight the foreclosure crisis and to support Just Cause legislation..

11/29 World AIDS Day Action. With ACT UP RI, march to RI Department of Health and to Senator Reed and Whitehouse offices to protest budget cuts to AIDS Services.

12/1 Occupy City Hall, pt. 2. March to Providence City Hall and GA in lobby. With mic-check in Council chamber to pressure them to take action in support of Occupy.

Photo by Susan O’Connell

12/3 Occupy the Night: Women’s/Trans/Genderqueer and Queer Caucus sponsored evening including community soapbox, potluck dinner, march through downtown Provi- dence, and dance party.

12/7 Stop “Achievement First” rally. With CDPE, outside public hearing at Robert Kennedy Elementary on the mayor- al push to have charter-school chain Achievement First open a franchise in Providence.

12/8 Stop “Achievement First” rally, part 2. Same action outside second hearing at Alvarez High School.

Photo by Paul Hubbard

12/9 Protest against the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). At event honoring Sheldon Whitehouse, picket against his vote in favor of the civil-liberties-stripping bill.

Photo by Susan O’Connell

12/10 State House, Our House. With RIHAP, RICH, and DARE, march to State House, rally on steps. To protest fore- closure and homelessness and to demand passage of three bills to fund affordable housing, stop post-foreclosure evictions, and create a Homeless Bill of Rights. Discussions on housing, community dinner, and sleep-out on the State House lawn.

12/14 Migrant Rights Vigil at State House. To rally outside meeting between We are all Arizona and Gov. Chafee.

12/15 Support Caregivers for Developmentally Disabled. Rally with SEIU and other unions at State House.

1/16 Stop “Achievement First” Part 3. Rally at State House with CDPE.

01/19 Occupy City Hall Rally and GA. In lobby of Provi- dence City Hall, entering City Council chambers to support resolution to tax Brown University.

Photo by Susan O’Connell

01/26 Counter-protest the Right to Life Rally at RI State House. Met up with allies in the RI Anti-Sexism League to support choice and women’s reproductive health care.

1/28 Victory Rally/March. Celebrate winning of homeless day center. Followed by park cleanup as we leave.

2/6 March to AG Kilmartin’s office. Present petition against lenient settlement with big banks committing foreclosure fraud and harrassing homeowners.

The above actions were all officially passed in votes of the Occupy Providence Gen- eral Assembly, an open democratic meeting of the 99% where OP’s main decisions are made. Autonomous actions not voted on by OP include Fidelity Investments, Con- vention Center actions; Student Debt march through Citizen’s Bank; support for Save our Pensions! rally; Joey Quits press conference; mall protest for Buy Nothing Day, etc.


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