Recent Direct Actions

By Randall Rose

Here’s an update on Occupy Providence direct actions which have taken place since we published our last issue.

Photo by Paul Hubbard

2/6 March to AG Kilmartin’s office. Present petition against
lenient settlement with big banks committing foreclosure
fraud and harrassing homeowners.

2/23 Protest VP Biden in Providence, to demand taxing Wall Street transactions (Robin Hood Tax).

2/29 ALEC protest in Groton, CT.  Join other Occupys in Groton to protest Pfizer’s funding of ALEC, a right-wing state lobbying group.

3/1 Occupy Education. Support Occupy RIC march from Burnside Park to RI Dept of Ed for high-quality education for all, opposing education cuts, soaring student debt, privatization and job insecurity.

Photo by Susan O’Connell

Photo by Susan O’Connell

Photo by Susan O’Connell

3/22 Verizon. Join rally to support CWA union in their fight to keep their benefits at Verizon.

3/26 Re-seeding offer. March from Burnside Park to City Hall where we offer to re-seed the park with our own labor.

3/29 Trayvon Martin. Join march from Central High School to demand re-opening the case in the killing of innocent Trayvon Martin.

4/4 First Source. Endorse rally by DARE and People’s Assembly for civil rights on the anniversary of Dr. King’s death, supporting the implementation of First Source rule to hire local residents.

4/4 Occupy MBTA in Boston. Endorse Occupy Boston and Occupy MA rally against MBTA fare hike and service cuts, affecting RI commuter rail.

4/14 Budget rally in Bristol.  Join East Bay Citizens for Peace to support cutting the military budget to free funds for people and economic development.

4/17 Tax Day in Providence. Join American Friends Service Committee, marching to Textron and Bank of America, to support taxing the rich.

4/17 Tax Day in Westerly.  Demand taxing the rich, including a tax on Wall Street transactions.

Photo by Joseph Mendez

4/22 Occupy Sexism.  Support rally, march, dinner and teach-in by RI Anti-Sexism League.

4/24 Robin Hood March.  March in Robin Hood costumes to House Finance Committee hearing, where we testify in support of bills to reverse tax cuts for the rich.

4/25 Robin Hood Tax Rally in New York.  Join ACT-UP on its 25th anniversary to support a tax on Wall Street transactions.

6/7-10 Occupy Netroots.  Four-day sidewalk occupation on Sabin St. during Netroots Nation conference in Providence.  Demands: No bailout for 38 Studios, Tax the 1%, Solidarity not austerity (locally, nationally, and internationally).

6/7 State Budget.  During House floor debate on balancing the budget, OP members mic-check from the balcony, calling for balancing the budget by taxing the wealthy and corporations, not by layoffs and pension cuts.

Photo by Chloe Chassaing

6/8-9 Two days of marches to 38 Studios and State House, opposing the planned bailout of 38 Studios’ Wall Street bondholders. Marches include stop in Providence Place Mall and a portrayal of the dead-on-arrival jobs at 38 Studios’ offices (picture above).

6/10 Chalking: Messages in chalk on the sidewalks of downtown to support the 99%.

6/28 Eviction protest. Support Joann Manning, who is being threatened with eviction from her family’s home even though she is willing to pay rent to the bank that foreclosed on her.

7/4 4th of July parade. Join EBCP “Patriots for Peace” float in the Bristol 4th of July parade.

7/27 Oppose junkfood subsidies for agribusiness.  Join RIPIRG to oppose Congress’s farm bill which pays large subsidies to big agribusinesses for producing junk food ingredients.

The above actions were approved by votes in the Occupy Providence General Assembly, an open democratic meeting of the 99% where OP’s main decisions are made.  Occupy Providence members also participated informally in many other actions.


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